GFBot Ver.1 
New Features:
Mapless Waypoints (Waypoints can now be saved; either map or mapless)
Auto-Sell crappy loots
Auto-buy stuff to the nearest store

Okay, So first, let's start with setting waypoints on mapless ones, 
(You can toggle between map or mapless by simply opening and closing the map. If you want to use mapless just close the map or if you want mapped just open it)

Setting up a mapless waypoint is easy, you just have to stand where you want to be your waypoint and hit Alt+A..
I recommend that you get many waypoints so you won't get stuck as much. In area where there are a lot of obstacles, the mapless waypoint system is not as good as mapped system in terms of getting stuck. 
Although, mapless waypoint system has an anti-stuck system of itself, it is quite limited compared to the map ones.
In this case, good managing of waypoints can be an effective solution if you really want to use the mapless.
Mapless works best in an open field where only few obstacles are present. 

-People are welcome to suggest anything they would like for it to improve.-

Just a reminder for those who are using the the mapless ones:

Try to set your safe zone using mapped waypoint if its far, you can have both map/mapless at the same time. This also applies to StoreNPC's use mapped waypoint hover to the potion icon and add.
Try to set your waypoints as near from each other as possible about 60 in range, if there are obstacles (enemy range from you, i guess u could just estimate it Wink ). 

For the mapped waypoint,

Well this one work like the old one so no questions about this. :p
The new thing about mapped waypoint is that you can now save the waypoints so you won't bother doing the waypoints ever again once you've done it one time.
It also have anti-drag system that works when the map is drag somewhere the bot will try to revert it to its original position so no more complaints of "oh no, my map was dragged on the right side of the client and now im stuck in one place and died T_T"
Hit Alt+A to add waypoint in the map.
Mapped waypoint system has a better chance of not getting stuck as much because it is clicking directly to the map and could avoid alot of obstacles in the way.
Unlike mapless ones, you can set your safezone anywhere you like.

Let's talk about the auto-chat,

okay, enough with the warning, this is pretty much straightforward. So let's start,

how will the chat works is in your hands,

let me give you a scenario. For instance, a GS whispers you: "are you a bot?"

Well, we all know that you are botting and most likely afk. So that's done?

With the chat system we can avoid this.

the new chat gambit system will decrease you being caught significantly. Here's how:

-To add chat gambits just put [ChatGambits] on your yourcharacter.ini file. 
-Here's how to add reply, 

C1=Whisper-GS|bot|wth dude? do you see im busy here?|10m

So what's this?

Let's break it down,

C1= is just the name you want for the chat gambit. YOu can name it anything u like.
Whisper= is where you want to say it and where it is receieved. In this case, when someone whispers to me i reply back using whisper.
GS= a specific person you want to say/whisper your chat. In this case, when a see a GS in their names I will reply them back. (This can be omitted if you don't want to reply to a specify a person.)
bot= this is the word that is when read, you will reply. For example, you saw a word "bot" in your whisper then it will reply.
wth dude? do you see im busy here? = well, this is your reply when you read a word bot in whisper, enough said.
10m = this is the delay. it means it won't reply again after 10 minutes. After 10 mins and sees a word "bot" then it will reply the same reply. (Note: All timer inputs can now be represented by h/s/m like 10m, 100s, 1h default is 's' if not present)

So, if i will reply the same thing then they will know that i am a bot? wth!?

That isn't correct.

You can input like,

C2=Whisper-GS|bot|stop bothering me! you're annoying as hell!|10m 

This means that when you receive a "bot" word again it will change your reply to "stop bothering me! you're annoying as hell!".

You can make as many chat gambits as you like here are some example:

c0=Whisper-GSFinal|hi|hi there final|1h
c6=Whisper|are you there|hm?|5m
c9=Whisper|u there|???|10m

As you can see up there, there something like C5=Say|bot|SAFESIT|10m. What the hell is this?

Well, when someone say "bot" word on channel "Say" it will trigger "SAFESIT" where you will just sit in there for 15 minutes. 
You can also put like, C10=Whisper||NOTIFY|10m.

|| = this means that any chat that are not recognized will get you NOTIFY.

Using the above sample, when the GS said: "hey, asdasd" 

Since, "hey, asdasd" is not on your list then it will notify you if you set notifyemail in your [Misc].

Always, remember that chat gambits are seperated by "|" and order is important, top most will have priority of execution.

here is a quick setup guide on how to setup StoreGambits

the key/variable name for StoreGambits should be same as the PointerName in GFBot.ini and it is the amount of that Item.
Alt12 = means the pointerName
10 = means the minimum amount so it goes back to NPC
100 = means the max amount to refill so if its 8 it will buy 92 pieces or till its greater than or equal 100
7 = means the 7th slot in that store, buying in page 2 of the store means 10 + 7th slot so 17
10G0S0C = means if you have over this amount buy it (this is optional) default is 1G0S0C

In Alt11 settings means once it reaches more than 200 it will go to store, by setting 0|0

BreakArmor or BreakWeapon you simply do
Thats it. There are some more ways to do specific breaking stuff using ChatGambits. Lots of possibilities can be done with chatGambits and turning ON system chat and all.
You could do a shortcut in chatgambits like so
changeArmor=System|YourArmorName is broken or something|changeWeapon|1m

thats it for this short guide.

Also you can now run to safe using DMG gambits like
safesit=DMG > 500 OR DMG > 10% Or HP < 30%
means it might be fighting a boss so it will run to safezone but would run back as soon as the target is gone.

Here is how to revive when you die:
die=HP = 0

MaxUsage - This is the # of times to execute a shortcut
This means those things will only be executed twice when a monster is selected or monster is killed.

Also please test this.
Just added improved playeralert in
Adding playeralert=Name1,Name2,Name3 in [Misc] will make your char go to safezone in 10 minutes by default to change put
Also by default, any name that starts with GS will do playeralert.

Using SpriteGambits
Add new section in your player.ini
- This means train sprite1(F6) with 3rd line for training, open up the +- thing and it will just click the 3rd line, if item requirement is not enought it will collect 4th line in Collect.
For just collecting
- This means it will collect 4th line until Alt12(make sure put the item in Alt12) is greater than 1000