Trainer Guide

Grand Fantasia Trainer Bot

What does this trainer do?

Well, it does pretty much what "you" do. 

It can make you level and even collect items or both at the same time without you controlling it.

How to Run the trainer:

-Run Grand Fantasia.exe then Login

-Run the GFBot 

Here are some shortcuts that you should know:


Alt+S = Enable/Disable SafePoint

Alt+A = ADD Waypoint/Safepoint

Alt+C = Clear waypoint

Alt+R = Reload config

Alt+Z = Start Bot

Alt+X = Stop Bot

Alt+Q = Quit Bot

Advanced User:

Alt+P = Pixel Finder

Alt+L = Logs the last 200 actions in GFBotActions.log

First off, let's set up waypoints:

What are waypoints?

Waypoints, as the name suggest, they are your destinations or route. 

You can put as much as waypoints but a**uring that the way are safe from being stucked or don't have any minibosses that could kill you. 

To setup waypoints follow the following:

Step1: Press M to view the Map, the map must not cross the red line on the right side. The Red Boxes on the right indicates that it should be clickable and should not contain anything that could stop it from being clicked. For example, the inventory is on one of the red boxes therefore it won't run properly during stuck situation.

Step2: Press Alt+W to toggle adding waypoints. 

Step3: Hover to any place on the Map and Press Alt+A to add waypoint. You can add as much as waypoint you want rea**ured that they are at the right place. Press Alt+C to clear Waypoints to start over.

Step3: Once the waypoints are added Next,

Setting Up your Safepoint:

What is safepoint?

Safepoint, as name suggest, a safe area. This is the area where you can rest and don't have any enemies near i.e. town or villages. You can use safepoint as means of escaping when you reach certain condition.

For example, safepoint=HP < 30%. See "What are [Gambits]" for more info.

Setting up the safe point is same as setting up waypoint the only difference is that you must use Alt+S to toggle to Safepoint:

Step1: Press Alt+S

Step2: On the map, Hover to your safepoint and press Alt+A to add it as safepoint

   (you can designate a town or place as long as there is no monster)

Step3: You can now start bot or press Alt+X

The bot will then follow each and every waypoints you selected and kill monster on the way as if it was you!! :p


The Map MUST NOT be moved/dragged by the slightest of distance!

 This is will change the waypoints saved.

How will the Camera Angle help you:

Camera Angle can help you to lessen the possible targets in an area. This will lessen the possibility of getting stuck in one place and will also help other character cla** to adapt.

How to Search Monsters:

To search monster simply put:


under [Shortcut] and then put:


under [Gambits]

and that's it!

How to do Configuration Settings:

What are [Shortcut]?

To simplify, shortcuts are what you call "hotkeys".

In here, you can choose whatever name you want to denote a specific hotkey.

For example,you want to denote hotkey "5" as your "heal" then write it as

heal=5 under [Shortcuts].

Another example, you want to denote hotkey "Alt+1" as your "buff" then you put

buff=!1 under [Shortcuts].

Always rememeber: 

Alt is denoted as "!" i.e. !1 means Alt+1

Ctrl is denoted as "^" i.e. ^1 means Ctrl+1

Check sample.ini for more examples!

What are [Gambits]?

Okay, here's the interesting part,

To simplify, Gambits are what we call "Conditions". It is the condition that should be met in order for the skill/buff to get activated.

For Example, you set your "3" hotkey as your melee attack (that is Attack=3) then use this condition when:


This means that you will only use this skill when T=1 or when there is a target selected. Read below

Here are some Gambit codes that you need to remember:

"HP/MP" I think it's pretty obvious what these code means. It is your HP/MP setting value.

For example, HP > 30%, MP > 40% 

You can also put the exact value of your HP.. for example, HP>12000 or MP<300 -space is not necessary

(Note: Always have space between values when using percentage)

"T" means target and you can toggle it by 0 = means no monster and 1 means monster is selected. 

For example, T=1 means monster is selected, T=0 means there is no monster.

"C" means cursed (becoming a zombie/dark messenger) and you can toggle it by 0 = means not cursed and 1 = means cursed.

"CH" this represents your charge, the one below your mp, so you can use skills that uses charge. Values can be CH=1, CH=2 or CH>0 etc..

"SHP" this represents your summon HP

"THP" this represents your target HP

"RANGE" this represents your distance from the current target


"AND" is used when two or more conditions must be met for the skill to be triggered.

Example: Skill1=T=1 AND MP > 50%

-This means when there is an enemy selected AND your MP > 50% use this skill

"OR" is used when either of the conditions must be met for the skill to be triggered.

Example: Buff3=T=0 OR HP < 60%

-This means that when there is no target use the buff OR if HP < 60% use this buff.

Complex AND/OR

Example: Buff4=T=0 OR HP < 50% AND MP > 40%

-This means that when there is no target it uses buff OR if HP is less than 50% AND MP > 40% it will then uses buff too.

"safesit" - this gambit should not be erased. what this does is that when your HP is less than 10%, for example, then it will run to your specified safepoint where it can sit and regen hp/mp until its full then go back to waypoints.

"recoversit" - it sits wherever you are when you met the gambit condition. For example, recoversit=HP < 50% OR MP < 10%

This means that your character will sit when HP is less than 50% or MP is less than 10%..

"recovered" - this is the condition where he will now stand and fight. For example, recovered=HP > 70% And MP > 50%

This means that your character will start fighting again when HP is greater than 70% and MP is greater than 50%.

Important Note:

-Please always double check your gambits because there might be some conflicts.

-Always check your spacing. When using HP/MP, always use one space.. i.e. MP > 60%

-When using "T" or "C" spacing is not required. i.e. T=0, C=1

   BUT remember to put space before putting "AND" or "OR". i.e. T=0 AND MP > 60% 

-The name you used in [Shortcuts] MUST be the name you will be using in [Gambits] otherwise, it simply won't work.

Check sample.ini for more examples!

What is [Delay]?

To simplify, again, Delay is the time that is allotted to a certain skills. (i.e. Every X seconds this X skill will be used when conditions/gambits are met). However, the skill should meet the Condition/Gambits before the timer starts to count.

 For example, let heal=1 and the delay is heal=5 seconds, this means that if the condition is met the timer starts to count to 5 seconds then use heal. 

Another example, let buff=1 and the delay is buff=120 seconds, this means that if the condition is met the timer then will starts to count for 2 mins(120 secs) then use that buff.

Important Note:

The name you used in [Shortcuts] MUST be the name you will be using in [Delay] otherwise, it simply won't work.

Term that MUST not be erased but CAN changed:

"lostdelay" - the time allotted for your character to reach the next waypoint. If not reach, then the character is lost and will begin rerouting.


 Being stucked can be avoidable but frequent monitoring is necessary. Also, It is recommended that you watch your character for atleast 30 mins or until it run through waypoints without any problem. If you think that your character is doing fine you can leave it.

 "safesit" - it is the time that is allotted for your character to reach its safepoint location. However, if the time allotted is not enough to reach your safepoint location then it will switch to camper mode. Camper mode is when your character is sitting BUT can also kill monster that is attacking the character. when the hp/mp is at 100% then it will return back to your waypoints. (Read "How does this trainer work" if you didn't understand)

Check sample.ini for more examples!

What is [ActionDelay]?

To Simplify, again, ActionDelay is the "casting time". It is recommended that you put extra seconds for casting time to make sure that the casting won't be interrupted by following commands.


Important Note:

-For Skills that does not have any casting time (such as potions and other instantaneous skills), it is not required that you put them in [ActionDelay]. 

   i.e. Melee attack is instantaneous and thus, does not need action delay as long as the condition/gabmits are met.

-The name you used in [Shortcuts] and [Delay] MUST be the name you will be using in [ActionDelay] otherwise, it simply won't work.

Check sample.ini for more examples!

What are [Misc]?

"sitactions" - This are the actions you want to undertake when you are sitting and an aggro attacks you.

For example, sitactions=Loot,Heal

This means that when you are sitting it will loot and heal. You can add as many actions you want depending on how many skills you set..

"saferunactions" - This is like sitactions but actions will be done when you are running to safezone

"waitactions" - This are actions that cancels the anti-stuck, so it is given enough time to do those actions without having to do anti-stuck everytime.

"skillset" - this is the hotkey set of your bot skills.

For example, skillset=2

This means that my bot skill set is on 2nd hotkey set.. Shift+2

"exitlevel" - This is the level you want to achieve before the client and bot closes.

For example, exitlevel=15

This means that the client and the bot will close when you reach level 15.

"exittimer" - This is the time that you set when you want to close client after certain time(in hours).

For example, exittimer=5

This means that the client will close after 5 hours. Good if your leaving your home and want to close it at a certain time.

Note: You will need to have SafeZone waypoint for exittimer and exitlevel to work.

"ignoremonsters" - This is a comma separated list of monster names to ignore, although if monster is in monsterignoredistance it will attack it anyway.

For example, ignoremonsters=Wily Wolf,Grasslands Sunbird

This will not attack Wily wolf and grasslands sunbird. Make sure there are no spaces between commas.

"attackmonsters" - Just like ignore monsters except it will be the only monsters to attack, but will also attack anyone who is close enough to attack you.

Note: You can't have ignore and attack monsters at the same time.

"notifyemail" - This will notify you by email in case something wrong happens, like breaking your equipment, you died, exittimer or exitlevel is activated. You could also make this sms you. Read this thread

"waypointradius" - Only attacks monster within waypoint radius