Pointers Guide

List of videos on how to get pointers

GFBot Pointer: Status

GFBot Pointer: Player

GFBot Pointer: Misc

GFBot Pointer: Map

GFBot Pointer: Chat

GFBot Pointer: Sprite

GFBot Pointer: Target

GFBot Pointer: Open

GFBot Pointer: MiniMap

GFBot Pointer: Cursor

GFBot Pointer: SprWinOffset

GFBot Pointer: Name & Char


This is assuming you know how to use CheatEngine?. This will simplify updating your pointers for your client.

This is assuming you know how to use CheatEngine. This will simplify updating your pointers for your client.
STATUS=get it from HP, this is very self explanatory
Target=also simple 1|0 value
tX=Target + 0x4
tY=Target + 0x8
Name=also simple
Cursor=value of 1 = red cursor can't click, 3 = sword hovered to enemies, 5 = npc hover, 0 = normal
MiscBase=get it from ExpCap
Player=get it from Zoom, zoomed out value = 15, zoomed in = 2 (float)
MiniMapBase=get it from CurrentLoc above the minimap, just keep switching places
MapBase=get it from mapdX, its a string value for the coordinates in the map. Make sure you alt+tab so it doesnt get lost
OpenBase=simple open # of windows and check for that, the offsets are openWin
CharBase=search for your name, and compare the offsets for ListStart offsets 0,e4,8,20 - 0 can change
SpriteBase=get the left coordinates of F6 sprite, value is 0-Client Width, if you go beyond 0 it becomes a large value. Make use of decreased and increased value. The offset should be 4,8,C
ChatBase=just search for complete chats like [World]Name:Hello and look for Chat offset 328,70,0,4 - 0 can change.
Thats it. Simply scanning for pointers with checked improve scan, will get you the offsets and just compare it to the current offsets.